Review process

1) The review of each article shall be referred to by two independent reviewers outside the scientific unit affiliated by the author of the publication.

2) The author or authors of publications and reviewers do not know each other their identities (double-blind review process).

3) The written review contains an unequivocal reviewer’s request concerning the conditions for the publication or rejection of the article.

REVIEW FORM – for view by authors and download by reviewers: Review form


Ewa Górska – Warsaw University of Technology
Jerzy Kisielnicki – University of Warsaw
Marek Lisiński – University of Economics in Krakow
Józef Matuszek – Technical Humanities Academy in Bielsko-Biała
Maciej Urbaniak – University of Łódź
Leszek Pacholski – Poznań University of Technology
Joanna Paliszkiewicz – SGGW
Małgorzata Lisińska-Kuśnierz – University of Economics in Krakow
Remigiusz Kozłowski – University of Łódź
Agnieszka Misztal – Poznań University of Technology
Goran Dukic – University of Zagreb Department of Industrial Engineering, Zagreb, Croatia
Elisabeth Pereira – University of Aveiro
Fernando Crespo Romero – Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Nina Szczygiel – University of Aveiro
Malgorzata A. Jarossová – Bratislava University, Slovakia